“Therefore go and make disciples ... teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matthew 28:18-20

A preacher long ago left a mark on my life that has helped shape me. I wrote his quote in my Bible.

“If our lives as Christians are not lived out on the wavelength of the Great Commission, then our lives are irrelevant to God’s plan for change in our world.”

When I heard him say that, I stopped short. God has a plan for change in this world: changed lives that will affect every layer in our society — not only today but also for eternity. Is my life relevant to God’s plan for change? On a practical basis, this simply means I must be ready to share, heart to heart, the things I have learned from following Jesus. It means I should simply teach, through my own life, the difference it makes to know Him. He promises to be with me as I do this and to help me through it.

But does it even matter? Yes. This is why you and I exist: to share God’s love with others who long for the change only He can truly bring. It is the very thing that will bring true relevance to your life. He has packaged you to do this in your own unique way, who you are, where you are.

Whatever fills your mind — whether it’s possessions, power, position, pastimes, or pressure — is your wavelength. So what wavelength are you living on? 

If you are a Christian and feeling empty and frustrated, look again at the call of Jesus. It will truly bring relevance to your life. It’s the one thing that will affect true change in your little corner of the world.

Father God, I want to be relevant to Your plan for change in our world. Use me today to share Your love in some small way. Help me to be aware of sharing what You have shown me in my life. Help me as I go today to share compassionately and passionately, heart to heart, with someone in my path. I love You, Lord. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

Take Action

Take a walk today and ask yourself what wavelength you are living on. Ask Jesus to give you passion and compassion to share His love in a fresh way to someone on your path today.

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