What wives say: Go to the store; Lay down the mulch; wash and wax the car; get the kids from school; rent some movies; and finish the rest of the dishes. What husbands hear: Go... lay down... and... get... some... rest.

Now we're talking! I've heard it said that wives like “attentive husbands,” or maybe it was a “tent of husbands.” I don’t know, I can’t remember. I really wasn’t listening.

Sometimes, we hear people say words but we don’t really listen to what they say. God speaks to us through His Word, and though we may hear it, do we really listen? Or do we cherry-pick the best parts of verses that fit our narrative or help our cause and don’t listen to the whole thing?

A good way for us to listen is to be quiet, eliminate distraction, take a deep breath, and then tune in to the wonderful, awesome, powerful voice of God. It could come from a pastor, a nine-year-old, a homeless person on the street, or even that co-worker that is always standoffish in the office (yes, they are people too). God cares deeply about us, and He will use whatever method He thinks to get His point across. He loves us that much.

Let’s concentrate on listening more... to other people and to God. Then take it a step further and not just listen but become "doers” of the Word. How much better would our lives be? Take the time to slow down and listen because God has something important to say.

Heavenly Father please teach us to eliminate the distractions around us so we can always listen to what you have to say. Give us the strength to obey. In Jesus name, Amen.

Go Deeper — What distractions do you need to eliminate to hear God? When you do hear what God has to say are you prepared to obey?

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Photo Credit: Ray Hennessy