I scrolled through a list of the attributes of God and paused. I’d never heard of some of these words, and I certainly didn’t know how to spell them. I clicked on one and started reading. “Immanence.” Wait, I knew what that was. Immanence is God interacting with his creation.

I think sometimes theology intimidates us, but really, theology isn’t supposed to be just for pastors. It’s meant for us “ordinary, uneducated” followers of God (Acts 4:13). Reading the explanation, I realized immanence is what makes our God a Father. It’s what makes him a friend. It’s what makes it so we can have a relationship with our Creator.

God didn’t just create us, he loves us. He isn’t just a spectator but is very involved in our lives. Isn’t that amazing? God is high and exalted. His Name is holy and he lives forever. He “lives in a high and holy place! and yet, he is also with the one — with you — who is contrite and lowly in spirit. The one struggling with shame. The one who is broken-hearted. The one who is chronically ill. The one who is grieving. The one who was rejected.

God is with us in the pain and the heartache and the weariness. He is God, but he is also the Lover of our souls. He is with us in this fight. Not only that, but he is with us for the purpose of helping us. Of reviving us. He is King and Friend.

Lord, thank you that you love us.You are with us even though you are so much bigger and greater and more powerful than we are. Please help me to remember your transcendence with awe, but to not forget that even then, you care about me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Go Deeper — How does God interact with you? Hymns, his Word, a song on the radio, through a sermon or friend? Through nature? A still, small voice? Write down the ways God reveals himself to you and then thank him for doing so. Then, tell someone else about this amazing relationship you have.

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Photo Credit: Suket Dedhia