God uses what we have, big or small, when we give it to Him in faith, for good use, and to accomplish His purposes. Several years ago I went to Mozambique, Africa to help at an orphanage of several hundred children. I remember a feeling of helplessness coming over me, questioning whether I had anything at all that I could offer them, and whether the little I did have would even make a difference.

Most of us at one point or another have experienced the feeling that we don’t have much to give. We tend to believe that we need to have some incredible talent or do something mighty in order for it to be considered important. What God is asking from us is only to be faithful with what He has given us.

Peter was faithful to God when this certain lame man, who was asking for alms, approached him. While he didn’t have what the man asked for, Peter offered him what he did have. A miracle occurred, changing this man’s life forever.

Please excuse the double negative, but what we do not have doesn’t matter to God. It’s what we do have and offer up, that touches the heart of God and changes lives. And when we exercise our faith in that way, miracles can happen.

Father God, thank you for wanting to use me for your purposes. Help me to be obedient when you are calling me to do something. My desire is to be faithful to you in all things, no matter how small they may seem to me. Amen.

Go Deeper ― Have you been putting off doing something because you felt it wasn’t of much importance or that it really doesn’t matter? Ask God for forgiveness and give Him that thing that He has been asking of you.

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Photo Credit: Nick Tong