Advent is all about waiting and preparation for the coming birth of the long-awaited Messiah. But what does that look like for you today?

In Mark 10, we read the story of Jesus and the blind man, Bartimaeus, who was sitting by the roadside begging (Mark 10:46). When he hears that Jesus is the one walking by him, he begins to shout out to get his attention. The more the crowd rebukes him to be quiet, the louder he yells.

In response to his cries, Jesus turns to him and asks this question, “What do you want me to do for you?” (Mark 10:51) As I reflected on this question not too long ago, I was overwhelmed with the realization that at any given time, I have Jesus’ complete attention. He is asking me that very thing. What is the deepest desire of my heart? What do I want?

It’s just me and Jesus and he is waiting for my response. But am I willing to strip away the layers and get to the bottom of what is in my heart? Too often I am busy rushing through my days and even my time alone with him. As a result, I don’t take time to deal with what is really happening or even be aware of my deepest thoughts and longings.

What is it that I am struggling with? What promise of God am I having trouble really believing? Where do I need the touch of Jesus in my life? Am I desperate enough to keep yelling until I am sitting before him with everything else stripped away?

Today Jesus is asking you that same question. What is it that you want him to do for you? What are you desperately longing for him to do? What is your heart’s desire that needs his touch today?

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you that at any given moment, I have your full attention. Help me to sit at your feet with all the layers stripped away, and be brutally honest with you about what it is that I really need you to do for me today. Amen.

Throughout this Day: Take time today to be still and picture you and Jesus sitting face to face. He is asking you this question, “what is it that you want me to do for you?” Don’t move away until you have stripped away everything else except the answer to that question. God longs to meet you in that place.

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