It’s not very often that God allows us to have a peek at marital disharmony in the Bible, but I find that this exchange between Job and his wife is so rich! It is both a bit funny and sad at the same time.

What I find funny is that Job’s wife thinks Job should just curse God and die. Job also accuses his wife of being foolish, which I’m sure did not go over very well! What is sad is that she probably found it incredibly hard to see him suffering so much, and she was probably angry with God that he should put her husband and their marriage through this.

They had both experienced so much “good” from God thus far in their life together, and it had been easy to be both married and to be “believers”, but when trouble came unexpectedly, their marriage and their walks with God were put to the test (literally!).

I definitely admire Job for his integrity, and that he did not sin in anything he said during this trial, but it must have been so hard for him to hear his wife’s frustrated response to him, and ultimately, to God, when he really needed her support during this time, more than ever. Marriage is supposed to make two people stronger than they would be on their own as they face whatever comes their way.

What do you expect? Will you be able to weather both “good” and “trouble” with integrity and without sin like Job did?

Father God, help me and my family when trouble comes into our lives, that we do not blame you or each other, but trust that you’ve got a plan to bring us through each trial in a way that grows our faith and our family relationships. Amen.

Throughout this Day: Think about your decision to become a Christian. Did you really believe that everything would go perfectly (I know that I did!) Has it surprised you when your family has had to go through trials that have tested the strength of your relationships?

Additional Resources: Paul David Tripp, author and pastor, has an excellent book called What Did You Expect? Redeeming the Realities of Marriage. Family Life has also has helpful podcast episodes interviewing Paul here.

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Photo Credit: Cytonn Photography on Unsplash