I saw a commercial of a man backstroking through a swimming pool of caramel sauce. He didn’t get very far, despite his efforts to kick his feet and swipe his arms. It stuck with me, no pun intended, because I could relate.

Throughout my several years as a widow, I have been barely treading water financially. Not that I am a spender. It is just that the cost of living keeps rising, though my income doesn’t.

But, like the swimmer, I struggle on. I continue to tithe, trusting there will be more than a dollar or two in my bank account at the end of the month to keep me afloat.

And God is faithful to provide, despite my hand-wringing and chest tightening. My shoes and clothes are holding together, as did those of the Hebrews wandering in the desert. I haven’t starved, though my refrigerator is often running on empty, like my gas tank.

I am thankful God keeps his promises and knows my needs, but I am so tired of living with the burden of worry each and every month. When I took that to the Lord, he responded with the stern love of a parent, “Then don’t. Trust in me more.”

Oh, yeah. That might work.

Are you barely paddling through the thick goo of life, wanting relief? Quit trying to handle it and getting weary in the effort. Let God buoy you. He’s not going to let you drown if you stay faithful.

Lord, in Matthew’s gospel you invite us to place our burdens upon you, promising that you will carry them. Forgive me when I don’t trust you enough and try to handle it all myself. Let me continue to hand my circumstances over to you and allow you to give me peace. Amen.

Consider this: Write a letter to God honestly expressing the things you are struggling with at the moment. Then fold it up and place it in your Bible as a reminder to give it to him to handle. Ask him to help you trust him more.

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Photo Credit: Ben Mullins on Unsplash