Over Spring Break, my family and I visited the Grand Canyon. Next to the Milky Way galaxy illuminating the sky on a dark, clear night, I have never experienced a demonstration of the Creator’s majesty like the depth and width of this geological wonder!

As I stood at various vantage points along the rim, the feeling of being an insignificant speck on the edge of infinity overcame me. I will turn 60 this year, and as I clearly experience this body wearing out, I long for eternity. As I stood on the edge of the Grand Canyon – that immense monument that is slowly eroding away – I could sense the majesty and infinity of God. And it gave me joy.

Why? Consider the infinite God! Next to him, this “eternal” natural wonder, which has outlasted civilization after civilization, is like a garment that will wear out, as Hebrews 1:10-12 states. This quote from Psalm 102, where the author laments the brevity of his life, makes it clear that we are but mist (see James 4:14) and even things like the Grand Canyon will fade, but our awesome God is forever.

You see, this is not all there is! We are eternal beings who will someday slough off this fleshly tent and put on something much greater and more majestic. And we will be with our Creator forever, even after the earth turns to dust.

Heavenly Father, Creator God, thank you for giving us glimpses of your majesty through the amazing creation you have made. Remind me every day that as I wear out and as creation winds down, you are preparing an eternity so much greater and full of joy for me and for all your precious sons and daughters. Amen.

Go Deeper — If you can, find a quiet moment and gaze up into the infinity of the sky. Then remind yourself that your Father God keeps all of it spinning. Remember that he longs for relationship with you and with each man, woman, boy, and girl made in his image. Then give your heart anew to him, now and forever!

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Photo Credit: Robert Baker