Happy Thanksgiving if you live in the U.S. Much belated, if you live in Canada. And elsewhere in the world, happy day anyway because each day can be one of thanks.

Holidays are a time for people to gather, enjoy each other’s company…and eat! But often times, there is an empty place at the table. Someone has passed away, or is too ill to travel, or has fallen out with someone else. Perhaps they serve in a foreign land as a missionary or soldier. There is the possibility they had to work.

Micah knew his family, the chosen people of God, would soon be scattered. Yet he envisioned a time when they would all be back together, giving thanks to God for His provisions and love. Empty places at the table would be filled once again and God’s love would shine upon each and everyone.

Micah never knew the Lord Jesus. But he believed God would deliver His people. This side of the resurrection, I can envision all believers one day brought together around the banquet table in Heaven. What a joyous day that will be. Everyone gathered, like sheep in the secure pen, thankfully saying, “Glory to God in the Highest, and Glory to the Lamb.”

Until that time, we can gather at His table, the altar, on Sundays with the family of Christ and feast with thanksgiving on His word. And each time we eat a meal, let us remember to thank the Lord for His provisions.

Father God, thank you for all you provide for us. Thank you that one day we believers will be at the biggest banquet table ever. Until then, may we find something to be thankful for each and every day, and be sure to let you know. Amen.

Go Deeper — Each time you sit for a meal, even if it is on the go in your car, take time to thank God for what he provides each and every day, then pray for those who are not there with you, for whatever reason, that they may know His love as well. You may also want to read, or sing, the old hymn, We Gather Together, and then write down your thoughts.

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Photo Credit: Gabriel Garcia Marengo