The name "father" has the ability to conjure up all sorts of emotions.To some it may offer feelings of security and love; to others, betrayal, or hurt. No matter what your image of a father may be, God the Father loves and cares for his children.

Remember that God the Father is not like an earthly father you may have experienced. He does not treat us unfairly or mock us for our fumbled attempts to follow him. Nor does he toss aside our requests while attending to more important business.

The Bible describes God the Father as the defender of the vulnerable and he carries the weak Isaiah 40:11, 29-31. God is even described as aa father to the fatherless (Psalm 68:5).

When we love and believe in Jesus, God's son, we are adopted into God's family. We  become his sons and daughters. With joy, we can cry 'Abba, Father' because he has become our spiritual Father. With hope, we can put our trust in his sovereign ways because he cares for us.

Jesus himself spoke these words of the Father in Matthew 10:29 and 31, saying, "Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father's care... so don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows."

We may not know why God waits to answer a specific prayer or why he feels distant for a time, but we do know that he is watching over us. We are incredibly important to God our Father. In joy or in sorrow, we can cry out to our Father in heaven and he will hear us.

Abba Father, you are loving and compassionate. You are a defender of the weak, and a father to the fatherless. I cry out to you, 'Daddy, I love you. I need you to help me' and you hear my plea. Thank you for delighting in me, your child. Thank you that though I am small like a sparrow, you watch over my every step and you care about the details of my life. Help me to trust you, even in the moments you feel distant, and I can't understand your ways. Amen.

Today's Challenge: Picture yourself as a small child once again. Think of the candid way you asked questions, let your thoughts spill out, and even felt confused at times. Now, think of yourself this way in relation to God, your Father. Picture him standing there next to you, smiling down at you, holding your hand as you walk side by side. Then pray to him verbally or in written form with this image in mind. Ask him questions, tell him about your day, share your struggles and thank him for your joys.

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Photo Credit: Derek Thomson on Unsplash