“…then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve…but as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”  Joshua 24:15

One of my hobbies is ventriloquism. I became enamoured with this craft in my teens. I bought a book, practiced tons, and today perform gigs for kids and adults with my dummy, Archie.

The other day “Archie” and I had an interesting conversation.

Me:  So you know how this relationship works, right?

Archie: Sure, you set up the jokes, and then I polish them off.

Me:  Yes, it’s a partnership.  We work together.

Archie:  You know, sometimes I feel like no matter what I say, you have your hand in it!

Me:  More than you might guess!

What “Archie” doesn’t get, or rather can’t understand, is that he’s a puppet, and I manipulate him. Unlike you and me, he has no brain, no blood-pumping heart, no choice in matters. He’s made of plastic, wood, paint, and dressed in a tiny tuxedo.

Aren’t you glad God hasn’t made us puppets? Unlike “Archie,” we have brains to reflect on life and learn from our experience. We have the ability to weigh our options, consider possible outcomes, and make wise decisions based on discernment.  And best yet, for those who believe, we have God’s Spirit within to prompt us to think of others, seek to love, and act in ways that build up others. We are so unlike puppets!

I think Joshua captured it well when he said he was going to choose God’s ways over other ‘little gods.’ You have a choice too, because you’re not a puppet.

God, thanks for giving us free will, that capacity to choose you and your plan for our lives. And thank you for your Spirit who indwells, prompting us to choose you again and again. May we live by your Spirit today. Amen.

Take Action

Pause right now and ask what the Spirit of God may be nudging you to do for the good of his kingdom, for the benefit of others.  Follow that prompting.

The people at Open Bible Info list forty-six verses that speak of Walking in the Spirit. You can read them here.

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