We decided to venture out with the kids to a carnival before the summer season ended. The temperatures hovered around the mid-90s. We took a beating from the heat and humidity.

Hundreds of people waited in long lines for food and drinks. I gladly waited in line to refill everyone’s water bottle. Running out of water was the last thing I wanted to see happen. I knew that dehydration sneaks up on humans if we do not stay alert. Our fragile bodies cannot go without water for long.

In 2 Corinthians, the Apostle Paul speaks of our bodies as jars of clay. His imagery reminds us we are weak and dependent on God. Our bodies are beautiful and functional — but oh, so fragile!

Even so, God provides a way around our frailty. He offers his thirst-quenching grace which strengthens our delicate bodies of clay and buffers us against pain and difficulties. And the more we understand our need for his spiritual drink, the more likely we will be to take precautions to stay spiritually hydrated.

The good news is we do not have to wait in a long line to replenish our clay jugs with spiritual water. The Holy Spirit will lead us to God’s water station of grace when we make Christ first in our lives. Our participation in the mystery of Christ, through Sunday worship, daily prayer, and Scripture reflection, allows his grace to flow unimpeded into our jars of clay. Our weakened bodies are then strengthened and invigorated to take up the faith journey once again — pitfalls and all.

Father, although I am fragile like a jar of clay, I am grateful for your continuous wave of grace that proves our source of strength comes from you alone. Let me never take your gift of grace for granted. Amen.

Go Deeper — The next time you are thirsty and drink some water, remind yourself of the lesson today and how God spiritually hydrates our jars of clay. When was the last time you filled up on his Living Water?

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Photo Credit: Maria Shanina