“He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty.” Psalm 91:1

The bird was without a doubt the largest we had ever seen in our backyard birdbath! In fact, he almost filled it up as he tried to take a bath. As he flew away we grabbed the camera so we could take a closer look through the telephoto lens and identify this mammoth.

As the juvenile Cooper’s Hawk perched high in our pine trees, I couldn’t help but think of this verse from Psalm 91:1. I later grabbed my Bible to look it up and my eyes landed on verse 4 from the same Psalm: “He will cover you with His pinions, and under His wings you may seek refuge; His faithfulness is a shield and a bulwark.”

The picture of that hawk perched in the tree behind our house has stuck with me over the past weeks. It’s been a reminder that my hope is in the Most High and I can abide in His shadow. Regardless of what this season of my journey holds, I can seek refuge under His wings knowing that He never changes and he is always faithful.

Just as that hawk dwarfed the tiny sparrows, robins, and other birds that more often visit our birdbath, so our Heavenly Father dwarfs those earthly things in which we too often seek refuge. Financial gain, security, or significance all fail to provide the unshakeable refuge that He alone can give us. We can run to Him, knowing that He is never surprised, never caught off guard, and always fully aware of the situation we’re facing. In the shadow of the Almighty, we can rest safe and secure.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You that as I dwell in Your shelter I can abide in Your shadow. Thank You that there is a safe refuge in Your faithfulness and I can rest there, safe and secure, knowing that You are totally in control regardless of how hopeless my situation my seem. Amen.

Take Action

Are you overwhelmed with the situation that you find yourself in? Have you tried to find refuge outside of the arms of your Heavenly Father? Take time today to rest in Him and allow Him to cover you.

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