A plane’s ability to take flight has always fascinated me. Years ago, during many summer nights, I used to park at the end of the local airport runway and watch planes arrive and depart. Their sheer power to control both takeoff and landing was incredible to me.

While I still marvel at this wonder of aviation, there's nothing like witnessing the majestic flight of a bald eagle. Lately, there have been several coming to feast on a coyote carcass in the field behind my house. I'm awestruck as I watch each massive bird leave the upper outpost of a poplar tree to swoop down for another feed.

And it's beyond my comprehension to take hold of Isaiah's words in today’s verse — that we are spiritually capable of taking to the skies like eagles. Just as an eagle can mount upward to avoid the dangers and distress it may encounter, we too, can experience the same when we trust God through each tribulation. We can fly upward, in spirit, while taking on and enduring a heartbreaking trial or challenging circumstance.

Our relationship with the Lord is meant to strengthen and encourage us so that we may rise above the many difficulties we may face in life. May we do so with the same determined and confident ease of an eagle.

What life struggle do you want to fly away from? The Lord has given you spiritual wings to rise up and claim victory over it, today.

Oh, powerful and awesome God, help me to use the wings you've given me to ascend above my troubles. Give me your courage and might to take flight when faced with the overwhelming trials of this life. It is only with you that I can soar to the highest heights, victorious over snares that the enemy tries to use to discourage me. Thank you, Father. I love you, and it's in Jesus' precious name I pray, Amen.

Go Deeper — Is there someone around you who is struggling to overcome a difficult situation? What can you do today to help that person cling to God's promises and power in their time of need?

Tags: Trust & Obey Isaiah 40
Photo Credit: Bruno Nascimento