Recently I arranged an overnight visit with a longtime friend. Our lives had gone in two very different directions. He went down a road of addiction and broken relationships, yet we have kept in touch.

Clutter and the odor of cigarette smoke greeted me as I stepped into his home. It made me feel very uncomfortable. After reminiscing about our shared history, it was time for bed. My lodging was a disheveled bedroom. Piles of boxes and clothing surrounded a bed with a broken leg. The stained mattress had no sheets and a well-used pillow had no case. I did not want to sleep in this room, but in that moment, I decided I valued the relationship more than I valued comfort. It was not one of my most restful nights. The tilt of the bed landed me on the floor in the middle of the night. Yet, I knew I had made the right decision.

Comfort is of high value! For some, comfort is the determining factor for decisions. Jesus did not live in that world. It is clear from today’s verse that he wanted discomfort removed but he had a higher priority — to do the will of his Father. This value caused him to step from heaven to earth, to be mocked, beaten, and die on a cross. His motivating desire was obedience to his Father and a desire for a relationship with us. His death on the cross declares his love for God and for us even though it was extremely uncomfortable!

Father, I surrender my desire for comfort. May the beauty of your plan and purpose be reflected in and through my life. Jesus thank you; your love and obedience have given me the gift of forgiveness and a relationship with God. Amen.

Go Deeper — Is a desire for comfort keeping you from considering places God may want to take you? Are you willing to be uncomfortable in your pursuit of God’s will?

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