As the parent of adult children and grandmother to 9, my heart is more and more towards how I can effectively pray for my family. When I read these words from Psalm 119, I felt like the verses literally jumped off the page at me! Why hadn’t I noticed them before?

I love how it says in this translation…..’do not inflict me with love for money’! That it is something I can pray against in my own life and the life of those closest to me. A change of translation can often highlight certain nuances, helping us to see truths we may have missed before. I was thankful for the way God not only grabbed my attention but also gave me some specific verses that I could pray for family members.

I told God that I didn’t want to have my eyes turned to worthless things. I didn’t want to waste my life or waste the hours in each day. And for sure I didn’t want my children and grandchildren to be wasting their hours and lives either. Instead, I wanted to be given life through His Word! I asked God to do that for my family, too.

It’s so easy to be sucked into the things that the world says are important, most of which centers around self-satisfaction and the love for money. But instead, these verses reminded me that I can ask God to change my heart, and turn my eyes. You can do the same. Definitely something to think about and apply!

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for the reminder from your Word that I can ask you to turn my eyes from worthless things and instead to give me an eagerness for those things that are near to your heart. Give me life through your Word dear Lord. Amen.

Go Deeper — What worthless things consume your heart, mind or time? Ask God to give you an eagerness for His Word instead and a heart to please Him in every way.

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Photo Credit: Mi Pham