Maybe you've heard stories of people who prayed for food when there was nothing for the table, and then when the doorbell rang, they saw boxes filled with produce for the week on their front steps. Or perhaps you've personally experienced God's miraculous provision. So why is it so easy to still struggle and assume we are to do things ourselves?

The widow in I Kings did not have any flour to make bread to feed herself and her son for what would be their final meal. Knowing she had only but a handful of flour and a bit of oil, Elijah spoke into her life and reassured her that the jar would never be used up nor would the jug ever run dry out of oil if she obeyed the Lord and fed him as well. Her obedience and reliance on God was rewarded; Elijah's words became true.

We can spend so much time worrying endlessly about how we will get by or how things will come to pass rather than taking the time to simply trust that God ― our God, and Heavenly Father ― has our best interests at heart. We are inheritantly self-reliant and must remind ourselves to remember God's promises and to trust in His character.

Matthew 6:25-27 paints a perfect picture of God's relationship with us. Read it over for reassurance. If creation is provided for ― and we are part of that creation ― then why do we not instead spend time in prayer and thankfulness, trusting that God, our Creator and Father, knows and cares?

Dear Lord, thank you for creating me, for loving me, and for providing for my needs. Help me to lean in and to stop fretting about how I will get by when you have already provided a way out of my troubles if I am only obedient like the widow was with Elijah. Thank you Jesus for helping through this. Amen.

Go Deeper — Take a moment to stop, pray, and hand God your worries, believing He will provide for your needs.

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Photo Credit: Steven Van Loy