We usually stop talking about Christmas-related passages once January hits, but I know you and I really need this message all year-round.

Mary never understood all the implications of what the Angel told her. Wait. I’m going to give birth somehow... to THE son of God… without ever sleeping with my husband… The king we’ve been waiting for all these years is finally here… and my Lord wants to use me??

I don’t think she could ever anticipate her own future… and neither can we!

I’m sure you and I can often relate to Mary’s heart. We’re confused. We’re disturbed. We wonder what God has planned.

We don’t know what the future holds. Because we are still works in progress in God’s powerful hands, God’s commands to love our enemies and serve those in need can be troubling. Obedience is never promised to be easy. Remember where obedience led Jesus? Rejection from the prestigious. Being misunderstood by his loved ones. Showing compassion to those who are undeserving. Crucifixion on the cross.

When you surrender your life to Jesus and invite the Holy Spirit to change your heart and mind, a lot changes. But not all at once. You feel the tension between wanting to follow what the Father is asking you to do, what the Holy Spirit is enabling you to do, and what your sinful self would rather do. It’s hard. You can guess what the outcome will be but you never know how God will use your act of obedience in his greater plan.

God confronts our sinfulness with his glory and greatness because he knows that it’s when we see him for all he is, we become who we were created to be. Being in sync with him. Walking closely with him. Free to enjoy and share his blessings. Soaking up his goodness.

Will you trust God? Will you submit to his will, even when it seems impossible? Will you believe that God will fulfill the promises he’s made to you? He’s already given you Jesus – won’t he do far more?

For no word from God will ever fail. Luke 1:37

Father, give me a heart of obedience. So much of me wants to do things my own way. Help me, Holy Spirit, to submit to your will. I am the Lord’s servant. I trust you to do what you’ve said. Be glorified in me, Lord. Amen.

Additional Resource: Reflect on Ephesians 3:20-21 and Psalm 115:1.

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Photo Credit: Fabrizio Verrecchia on Unsplash