What is true freedom? Freedom, and how to get it, are among the most profound questions of our age. Around the world, people argue, fight, and even kill for it. We all want to be free.

The greatest lie ever told is that freedom means autonomy from all constraints, human and divine. That the truly free person is one who thinks and acts solely from self-determination. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Consider Jesus, the most free person who ever lived. Truly free in Himself, He said that His life’s purpose was to “set at liberty those who are oppressed” (Luke 4:18). In Jesus, we can learn about and find personally true freedom.

The devil tried to destroy Jesus’s freedom. He suggested Jesus would be freer if He pursued food and material things. He offered Jesus self-fulfillment and popularity. Then he offered his greatest temptation — the riches and glories of this world in return for following him. To all of these, Jesus declined, saying that the choice to serve God must come first.

Jesus teaches us that true freedom is not the autonomy to do just as we please. No, in that direction lies slavery to personal desires, the tyranny of others, and spiritual bondage. It is the end of freedom.

True freedom is choosing to be a servant of God. Jesus was so passionate for this that He died to make it possible.

It requires a daily choice. Who will you follow today — Him or yourself?

Jesus, I ask to be free to follow only God for all my life. Help me to understand what that means. Amen.

Go Deeper — To be truly, fully, and completely free is our goal and lifetime journey. Can you think of one good step you can take today to help make you be more truly free?

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Photo Credit: Julian Friedle