It’s true there are many things to fret about these days. Yet, God calls us to a life of delight and tells us how to find pleasure in walking with Him.

TRUST in the Lord

God invites us to trust Him with the things that cause us to fret. Place each concern in God’s hands. This declares your trust in His ability to manage the outcome. When you find your worries returning, stop and give them to God again until your heart rests in trusting Him to handle them.

DELIGHT yourself in the Lord

When we leave our concerns with God we can rejoice in what He is going to do. Settle your heart with the knowledge that God will be all He has promised to be. Rest and find joy in the comforting pleasure that the God of the universe cares about you.

COMMIT your way to the Lord

Each day is a fresh start! When we commit our path to the Lord we can accomplish so much more as we trust His guidance.

BE STILL before the Lord

In this moment, be still and bring your fretful thoughts to God. He can speak to your heart and meet you if you only take time to come.

Father God, I thank you that you care about my fretting. Help me to trust you. Cause my faith to grow. I commit my day into your hands. Help my heart find pleasure in the fact that you care about me. In the name of Jesus I pray, amen.

Go Deeper — Right where you are, be still before the Lord and give Him the anxious thoughts that crowd your heart and mind. Ask Him to help you find pleasure in knowing that the God of the universe has promised to walk beside you. Experience the pleasure today that only He can bring.

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Photo Credit: Mi Pham