People tell us to hold onto God’s promises that are found in Scripture. And many of those promises are pleasant, desirable things. Promises of peace. Promises of hope. Promises of joy. Promises of a new life and a new home.

But you know what else is promised? Trials. Troubles. Persecution. Sickness. Loss. Betrayal. Suffering. It’s inevitable. We’re children of God living in a world fallen into sin. The world doesn’t understand us. It mocks and hurts us because we’re enemies of the world and enemies aren’t generally treated well.

Being a Christian doesn’t mean everything will be sunshine and daisies. It doesn’t mean everything will be easy. God loves to bless his children, but sometimes we children must go through hard things to help us grow in faith and maturity for our own good and blessing.

Trials allow us opportunities to glorify God and make him known to people who might not otherwise know about him. It gives us a chance to show God’s grace and love when it’s humanly illogical.

Yet despite being promised trials, we’re also promised hope. In this world we will have trouble. But take heart! Jesus overcame the world. Corrie ten Boom said, “The devil is more powerful than we are, but Jesus is more powerful than the devil. Now if we belong to Jesus, we are on the victorious side.”

Through his sacrifice, we have eternal life and a hope that all suffering will end. We will be — and already are — victorious.

Lord Jesus, thank you for walking through life with me. Please guide me, protect me, and prepare me to face the trials that will be in my life in your Spirit’s strength. Forgive me for any complaining I do, and help me to not lose sight of the victory I already have in you.

Go Deeper — Monitor your reactions to stressful or challenging situations today and then tonight. Think over how it went and why you reacted as you did. How often did you seek God’s guidance or rely on him for strength and hope?

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Photo Credit: Elena Blessing