It isn’t the healing of the leper that catches my attention. Of course he healed him, he’s Jesus. But these days, I find myself looking for the ways Jesus reaches us in our humanity. And so, the thing that stands out to me isn’t, in itself, the miracle. It’s Jesus' touch.

Jesus simply touched the leper. Jesus didn’t have to do that. He could have healed him without ever touching him. Or he could have healed him first and then given him a bear hug. Who knows how long it had been since this man had been touched, let alone embraced? Days? Months? Years?

Here we are in the year 2020 with all of our technological gadgets, and an invisible virus has turned our towns into veritable leper colonies. Social distancing has left us out of physical contact with our church family as well as our closest friends and relatives. While those technological gadgets allow us to connect virtually, none will replace a handshake, hug or high-five. This will not last forever, but for some, the days and nights are long and lonely.

Perhaps you feel as though you’re trying to reach God via video call with no answer. You seem out of touch.

It is in these times we remember that God came to dwell among us — to talk with us, to touch us, to embrace us. This truth is ours to receive and ours to give. May we do both with hearts full of faith, hope, and love.

Dear Father, while on earth, your Son, Jesus, touched many lives. He still does. Help me remember that he is here. Teach me ways I can touch others even though we cannot physically make contact. Amen.

Go Deeper — Think of three ways you can reach out and touch someone else’s life today using modern technology. Phone, text, post, video-chat, email, wave, smile, move six feet apart as you pass? Now, do it in the name of Jesus Christ.

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Photo Credit: Priscilla Dupreez