Every year children sign up to play their favorite sport. They may dream of being the next Hope Solo or Tom Brady. Adults cheer them on, but know how few will ever earn college scholarships, let alone play professionally.

In the same way, Jewish boys during Jesus’ lifetime dreamed of studying with a famous teacher. Few boys from a fishing village would receive such an honor, and definitely not one who grew up to be a Roman tax collector. But Jesus was no ordinary teacher. He offered Matthew that choice. Come and follow me. How would the man respond?

We have no idea why Matthew took up the occupation of tax collector. Most boys learned their father's trade. Also, like the other disciples, he was past the usual age for an apprenticeship. But inside the heart of the disdained publican lived a man who would become passionate about God's word. He not only would quote Scripture but would also show how Jesus fulfilled it. Jesus saw in him what no one else could: a loyal follower and a scholar who could write a careful study of Jesus’ life. That's the man Jesus invited to follow him.

Most men would hesitate to leave a lucrative profession. Not Matthew. He wasted no time thinking about it. He left everything and followed Christ without hesitation,later becoming one of the twelve apostles.

Oh, to have the heart of a Matthew — to trust in God to the point where we obey completely without hesitation.

My Lord and Guide, when you call me to a new path, may I follow as quickly and completely as Matthew did. You know the way I should take. Amen.

Go Deeper — Is there something God has called you to do? Make a list of anything that holds you back, entrust those things to God, and commit to obey him no matter the cost. Then tear up your list as a symbol of leaving those things behind.

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