What if the most powerful man in your country was your opponent?

Herod, the king of Israel, heard another king was born. Was his royal position in danger? He looked for the newborn king in vain. In a dream, an angel of God had already instructed Joseph, the child’s step-father, to move to Egypt with his mother, Mary.

After several years, Joseph received instruction in another dream to return to Israel with Jesus and Mary, fulfilling an old prophecy that the Deliverer would come out of Egypt.

I’m sure Joseph had doubts. It was scary to go back to the same land they escaped — where Herod tried to destroy Jesus. Although the dream revealed Herod’s death, his son now reigned, and that could be risky for Joseph’s family.

Where exactly in Israel was the family to settle? Back to Bethlehem, his clan’s hometown, or to Nazareth in Galilee where he and Mary once lived? Or someplace else? Joseph left Egypt for Israel not knowing precisely where he would take his family. He trusted in God’s direction and provision.

Then, God directed Joseph in another dream. So, he took his family to Nazareth. God’s plan for Jesus’ life was facilitated through Joseph’s obedience, and in the process, yet another prophecy was fulfilled to show Jesus was truly the long-awaited Messiah.

Sometimes God gives us a dream and gives us instructions, but He leaves out what we think are some important details. Do we take a step of faith forward, or do we hesitate?

Father God, give me the boldness to step out in faith and take a step forward toward the dream you have placed in my heart. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Go Deeper — Plan to carry out an activity based on the desires of your heart, after first asking God for confirmation of His will. Step out in faith and do what you need to do even if you feel afraid or inadequate.

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