I find this verse quite interesting. Even God’s apostle, Paul, had to endure a lot in his service to God. He went through diverse troubles and hardships, calamities of every kind. He was beaten, imprisoned, suffered hunger, and was shipwrecked (2 Corinthians 11:25). I mean, the list was endless. For him to have gone through all this, and more, and still gather the confidence to declare that his present troubles were small? Well, that is truly incredible.

In our present day, we may not necessarily face such dramatic incidences as Paul did, but in our own individual spaces we do encounter situations that trouble us. As believers, we all go through different seasons. Life has a way of throwing us into the deep waters when we least expect it.

What is your situation today? Are you buffeted? Does it appear that there is no end in sight to what you are going through? There is, trust me — if you believe that Jesus conquered death and sin for your sake.

Today begin to change your outlook on life and you’ll discover that your present situation cannot compare to the victory and glory that lies ahead when we go to heaven. We might even see it partly happen in this life.

Our future glory far outweighs our present troubles. Physically, we might be weighed down but if we believe in God’s love that conquers all, our spirit is strengthened as we await the fruition of our salvation.

Heavenly Father, help me today not to give up when I am weighed down by situations that seem too great for me to bear. Remind me that the present situation is temporary and through your strength, I shall overcome, as I await for your future glory. Amen.

Go Deeper — Take time to reflect on the passage and identify all those issues that seem to trouble you and your family. Prayerfully, commit them to God in prayer and trust that he will give you his strength to overcome, till your assured victory.

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Photo Credit: Maria Shanina