Is self-deprecation a life skill? I used to think so and I excelled at it. Any negative comment someone had to say about me or my behavior was matched with an equally berating slight on myself. No one had the upper hand in putting me down. I spent decades perfecting the art.

Back then, there wasn't much about myself I found appealing. So, I masked it with sex and alcoholism to feel something, if not better, about who I was - a negative and embittered woman.

Numerous lies had been branded in my head. I believed the worst in life would be my fate - remaining a slave to my libido, never experiencing sobriety out of alcoholism, or ceasing swearing. My mind held me prisoner, like a rat in a maze.

I faced the reality that no person could pull me from my life's wreckage. But a mighty God could! Over thirteen years ago, this divine lifeline captured my heart, cleared the refuse from my life, and transformed my thoughts.

He injected worth into my twisted mind. My conscience was renovated in the blink of an eye. While I still have moments of self-defeat, running to today's verse within the truth of God's Word immediately turns things around and my thinking is rejuvenated.

As Christians, we know too well that we must protect ourselves against endeavors that fill our heads with lies. Let us lean into God and his Word to remain mentally refreshed and strong, while being steadfast in renewing our minds daily!

Precious Father, sometimes my thinking really stinks. When things or people frustrate me, it's difficult not to become negative. That's why I am so grateful for your Word that contains incredible reminders to persevere in being renewed and transformed of mind. Thank you for your grace in holding me steadfast to think things over so that my thoughts are positive. It is in Jesus' name that I praise and thank you. Amen.

Throughout This Day: Invite the Spirit to make you conscious of any thought that is contrary to God’s truth, and seek to replace that lie with a truth from the Word.

Tags: sanctification Romans 12
Photo Credit: Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash