“And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests.” Ephesians 6:18

We’ve all heard the expression, “They don’t have a prayer.” It’s a claim that should be stricken from the Christian’s lexicon. Scripture calls us to pray all the time, to participate with God in making a difference.

One day, my mom was shopping in the mall. She found a seat in the crowded food court and sat down to enjoy a moment of rest. Not long after, a harried woman asked if she could sit down in the unoccupied chair at her table. Mom welcomed her, and before long they were in a conversation. The woman began pouring out her troubles and Mom became a bit overwhelmed with the severity of her circumstances. Finally, my mother asked if she could pray for her. Right there in the middle of Auntie Anne’s, Subway, and a couple hundred people, they bowed their heads and Mom called on God for help. The woman’s tear-stained face of gratitude was the “amen.”

You should know that my then 86 year-old mother was not a bold, evangelistic type person. But she knew she had access to the power this woman needed. Rather than thinking, her situation doesn’t have a prayer, she teamed up with God to bring relief.

Each of us can do the same. No matter who we are or what we face, no problem is too small, and no challenge is too great to talk about with God. He calls us to pray fervently, persistently, and confidently… for all kinds of people and all kinds of situations.

Father, thank You for calling us to pray, for inviting us to participate with You in affecting the universe. Amen.

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Pray. Pray. Pray.

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