The passage refers to two oxen strapped together by wooden beams over their necks. When one turns, the other has to follow because of the yoke. Many people use this passage as advice to not marry a non-believer. But, this can also apply to friendships and to the mission field.

So often people can be steered, no pun intended, by the wrong influence. They are yanked into doing things by a stronger personality as if they are tethered together. Maybe you’ve seen it happen to friends, to your kids, or to your younger siblings. Or, perhaps at one time or another it happened to you.

But, what if the stronger personality has taken on Jesus as his or her guide down this path called life? Can that person not then pull weaker people from going down the wrong trail? No. It is too dangerous if that stronger one thinks they are the one who has the strength, not Jesus.

If you feel called “lead” others to Christ, then remember it is He who should do the leading. You are only to help steer others by example. Don’t let pride seep in. Stay strong in the Word and faithful in prayer. Be sure to have other believers who are yoked in Christ around you to pray, guide and bolster your faith. Instead of taking it all upon yourself and yoking to that non-believer, yoke yourself to Jesus. That way, by example, you can show others what a joy it is to be joined with Him. Soon, they will want the yoke on them, too.

Lord, you said that your yoke was light and that you would carry our burdens. I ask that You yoke to us so we can, by example, save others from heading down the wrong direction. Surround us with Your Spirit and with other believers who will keep us accountable and steered in the Way. Do not let us fall into the temptation that we are the Savior instead of You. Let the yoke of Your love be upon us so we can show them the joy of being yoked. Amen.

Take Action

Let others see you yoked to Christ. Examine the areas of your life you are not yet yoked.  If you enter a mission field, be it next door or across the world, ask other believers to pray for you so you can stay strong and not be pulled away from the Truth and the Light as your guide.

One the easiest ways to stay yoked to Christ is to be consistent with your Bible study. Customize your quiet time.

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