How was I supposed to finish writing the two books due by February 1st when I was in the hospital with suspected heart problems on January 22nd? I rejoiced when I went home three days later with a clean bill of health. However, next I ran into irreparable computer problems. It was definitely time to boast about my weaknesses. I didn’t have any strength of my own left to rely upon.

What I needed, all anyone needs in a time of feebleness, was God. Sure, I’d rather have avoided ill health and computer problems, but all I needed was His grace.

God’s power works best when I flounder. His grace takes over when I run out of reasons to boast about my own abilities. There is no question of failure. He will succeed. My faintness of heart provides the best working conditions to display His rule.

God’s power doesn’t grow stronger in weakness, but it showcases it better. Do I welcome frailty? In my human self, I don’t. But I choose to shout hallelujah! Because my fragility in the completion of this task means God’s command will lift it up. It just might be my best book yet.

Imagine what your life would be like if you accepted times of weakness as gifts from God. Instead of feeling like a failure, rejoice that by grace, you are sturdier than ever, and God is doing what you can’t do by yourself. Now that is something to boast about.

Lord Jesus, come into my weakness. By your grace make me strong. Turn my flaws into your perfection. Thank you. Amen.

Go Deeper — Pick up that a small project you put off finishing because you weren’t satisfied with the way it was turning out. Remind yourself that God’s power works best in weakness, and give it another try.

Tags: Grace and Mercy 2 Corinthians 12
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