Think about Christ as the absolute beginning. There is no “before Christ.” For millions, billions, even trillions of years before time, Christ lived. He did not choose to become holy, powerful, or righteous. His omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence have always been an eternal reality: “From everlasting to everlasting, you are God” (Ps. 90:2).

Christ is the consummate end of all things. How forceful are His words: “It is done?” What He began in creation will be complete: heaven and earth created anew; Satan, his evil work, and all who have rejected Christ, submerged in the burning lake of fire; all who have been reconciled with God through the cross, gathered in triumphant glory.

He is the source of our life forever. He bestows on us our full eternal inheritance. He is the fountain of living water that forevermore quenches our thirst.

John Piper says it beautifully: “For the thirsty, God is the beginning and the end the way a desert caravan begins at an oasis and ends at an oasis. God is a fountain of life at the beginning, and he is a fountain of life at the end—forever.”

Who in your life is spiritually thirsty and needs to find Christ?

Christ, You are the source of life forever. In You my soul-thirst is fully satisfied. Guide me to walk with someone today who is thirsty for You and help me to tell them of Your water for life.

Take Action

Take ten minutes to drink a pure, cool glass of water. With each sip declare the way that Christ is your thirst quenching water for life. Who can you initiate a conversation with today about how their soul thirsts? Ask God for an opportunity.

Learn how to Start a Spiritual Conversation.

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