“…against such things there is no law.” Galatians 5:23

Long ago – and not far away – a dark empire passed a law against love:  “Love puts others ahead of self,” the ruler taught, “It’s a weak emotion that robs people of pride and power.”

It was a lie, but terrifyingly effective. It didn’t need to be taught, only caught. Through simply putting self ahead of others, even a little, it began to spread like spiritual Ebola. Conflicts, fights, violence, and wars broke out everywhere. The lie became universal. The world grew dark. Sad. Dangerous!

A resistance movement broke out in a distant corner of the empire. Small and terribly vulnerable at first, it was quickly targeted by local authorities. It’s “foolish” leader executed. Horribly. Followers rounded up. The usual measures. The resistance was swiftly crushed.

Or was it? The rebels, it seems, were inspired by a powerful story. Their murdered leader, the “Lord of Love,” they called Him, had personally died to break their bondage to selfishness and restore their freedom to love by putting others first. The ruler responded with fury and arrests, persecutions, torture, and more executions. Incredibly, these inspired even greater acts of sacrificial love. “Greater love has no one,” the resistance taught, “than to die for a friend” (John 15:13).

Word began to spread that the Lord of Love had risen from death and would soon return with justice — that the lie would be abolished and that the law of love would prevail everywhere.

Today, a powerful global resistance movement waits for His return. It grows day by day.

It is time to choose. Are you with or against The Lord of Love?

Lord, I love you. I reject the lie. I refuse to be ruled by it this day or any day. Pour your love into my heart, and let my life be a witness to Your kingdom, which is coming to earth as it is in heaven. Amen.

Take Action

If you are a member of the resistance, make it real today. Put someone else ahead of yourself in a specific and practical way.

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