The busier the day got, the more I waited. I fell behind schedule and resented others for making me wait. I waited in traffic and the checkout line, and waited to buy gas. I even waited to have breakfast at a restaurant with a "No Waiting" sign.

If I had only remembered that God is working things out for me, I would have handled the delays better. He offers peace to those who "wait patiently for him to act" (Psalm 37:7). God’s timing is perfect.

Faith in our Savior means faith in his timing. He wants patient believers. Trusting Jesus when delays intrude on our time is part of the faith journey with him. Our Lord often has a good reason for them. And we should not forget at the lack of patience can cause us to miss out on blessings.

God wants us to trust in his change in plan — no matter what happens and no matter how long we must wait. Permit yourself to wait for him and to prepare for a better way, which are the moments of delay just before God asks us to make a change.

If we can remember that his provision will always be better than anything we try to rush through on our own, the interruptions and slow-ups will not seem quite so bad. We have the strength of God and the hope in his promise to lean on as we patiently learn to be more patient.

Let’s wait patiently and experience the peace of God even if we find ourselves running late again.

O God, help us to embrace the virtue of patience. Also, give us faith to skip items from our "To Do" list in favor of the schedule changes you usher into our day. Amen.

Throughout This Day: Open your heart to the movement of the Holy Spirit, allowing him to show you Jesus' plan for you today. And live it out joyfully in his strength, by faith.

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Photo Credit: Alvaro Araujo Alcalde on Unsplash