“You, Lord, are my God! Please listen to my prayer. You have the power to save me, and you keep me safe in every battle.” Psalm 140:6-7(CEV)

Last year my youngest daughter signed up for intense Muay Thai kickboxing. She took extra classes, spent hours practicing how to kick and punch properly, really focusing on how to fight the best she could. I was proud of her hard work.

So it is with life. We need to prepare and train ourselves to fight the proper way—God’s Way. It takes time, focus, and study to fight through life as God intended. Life is a battle that God, our personal trainer, can give us victory in. Each and every day we are standing in a battle ring with crucial decisions to make.

Will we fight …

to deepen our relationship with God?
to strengthen our marriage?
to enjoy being single?
to raise our children well and lead them to Jesus?
to represent our Lord well in the workplace?
to use our free time in ways that honor God?

In God’s word we have examples of those who fought well: Daniel, David, Esther, Nehemiah, and Paul are just a few examples. They trusted God and learned to fight His way.

What battle ring are you in? What are you facing today? Let God be your trainer. Ask Him for wisdom and help.

Lord, You are the best personal trainer anyone could ask for. Please teach me how to wake up each morning and do battle your way. I want to stay faithful to you and be fruitful with the life You’ve given me. Amen.

Take Action

Go back and read the story of one of your favorite Bible heroes. Or pick up your favorite Christian biography again. Allow the stories to inspire you to keep on persevering in faithfulness.

How to persevere in witnessing when you don’t see any fruit.

Who is your favorite Christian hero? Why do they inspire you? Post a comment.