Now may God our Father himself and our Lord Jesus direct our way to you.” 1 Thessalonians 3:11 

I’ll never forget the moment when my husband held each of our children in his arms the first time.  The almost instant and complete adoration for each child was remarkable! As the children grew, I continued to marvel at the evidence of my husband’s love for each of them. His profound love for every child has helped shape them to become godly young men and women.

As I study Scripture and see the many references to God as being our Father, I read time and time again where the Bible uses “Father” in a context where it stresses God’s loving care, provision, discipline, and suggests the way we are to address God in prayer. God, as our Father, clears the way so that we can come to Him and have a deep and rich relationship with Him. He desires that!

I have a loving father and my relationship with him made it natural for me to see God as a loving Dad who guided me, corrected me and wanted the best for me. For others, the word ‘father’ brings many grim memories. Others had fathers who have caused much hurt in their lives and have left them with deep “father wounds”. These wounds make it difficult to see God the Father as a loving Dad who desires the best for them. It may take years, professional help or even a lifetime to forgive and deal with the pain. If this is your story, I pray that God would reveal Himself in a brand new way today.

 Lord, I thank You so much that You love us deeply. I pray that if there is anything in my life that interferes with me experiencing Your love the way You intend, that You would reveal that to me so that I can be free to love You and experience You as God, the Father, the way You desire. Thank You for loving me. Please wrap those who face ‘father wounds’ in Your arms. Hold them close, Lord, and reveal to them the warmth of Your love. In Jesus’ Name. Amen

Action Step

Take some time and write out some examples of how God, as the perfect Father, shows His love to you. Embrace that love, and then pray about how you could share that love with others. If your own relationship with your father has caused you pain and that strained relationship affects how you see God, begin to pray about steps you could take so that you can truly experience God’s love for you the way He intends it to be.

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