“The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.” Mark 1:1

What an amazing day!

A boat in a powerful storm is sinking. The passengers fear death in the raging waters. Their leader, waking from sleep, speaks one word. “Silence!” Instantly, the waters are mirror-smooth. His display of unimaginable power over nature terrifies the men. “Who is this that even the wind and the sea obey him?” (Mark 4:41)

The boat lands. A fearsome demon-possessed man rushes at them with uncontrollable violence. “Come out you unclean spirit!” their leader says. (Mark 5:8) At his command the demons are cast into a herd of pigs and two thousand of the crazed animals rush over a cliff, drowning in the sea below. The man sits still, calm, sane and set free. Who is this who commands authority over the powers of evil?

Crossing the lake a woman desperately ill for twelve years, now broken and bankrupted from her disease, reaches out to touch the hem of their leader’s robe. The powers of Creation flow. The woman is instantly healed. Who is this whose touch heals disease? (Mark 5:25-29)

A beloved daughter has died.  Mourners have gathered. Their pitiful cries fill the air. “Do not fear,” Jesus says to her father. Stepping into the room, he speaks in the girl’s own language. “Hello, little one! You can wake up now.” (Mark 5:41) The girl rises from death. Who is this who with a few gentle words can turn death into life?

“The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.” (Mark 1:1)

The long-promised savior, holding within His very being power over creation, evil, disease and death had come.

All other news grows old, cold and stale, but not this news. This good news never ends. One day the powerful Lord of All will say to each one of us. “Time to wake up, Dear One!” And we will live with Him forever.

Jesus, thank You that you are still living and active. I invite you to transform me and use me to share Your good news with others. Amen.

Take Action

Ask God to show you one or two people He wants you to reach out to. Then ask Him to show you a practical step you can take to do that this week.

Sharing Christ doesn’t have to be scary. These tools will equip you.

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