Our relationship was blocked. For years I experienced the loss within my family, even though I wanted desperately for this member and I to be reconciled. I almost lost hope that we would ever connect again. Then someone came alongside me and filled me with encouragement that one day it would be restored.

When Jesus came to the tomb where Lazarus lay dead, He told his sister, Martha, to take the stone away so He could get to him. She immediately gave him the excuse that there would be a repulsive smell since he had already been dead for four days.
Jesus responded, “...if you would believe....”

Unbelief is an obstacle in our life, like a stone rolled over an entrance. It can keep us from knowing God. It drives us to make excuses, as it did Martha, eventually hindering us from experiencing all that God has to offer.

Just like the stone kept the mourners from Lazarus, it also kept Lazarus from becoming free from the bonds of death. It kept Lazarus from experiencing Jesus.

Sometimes we need to help remove the stone for someone else that is keeping them dead inside. And at other times, we need to allow people in our lives to help take away the barriers that are keeping us from being truly alive in Jesus.

Jesus, I come to you and ask that you would help me in my unbelief in _______________ (name a specific area you are struggling in). I want nothing in my life to keep me from experiencing all that you have to offer me. Forgive me for my unbelief, and give me strength so I may know you more. Amen.

Go Deeper — If you are struggling to have faith in God to work in a current situation, humble yourself and ask someone you know to come alongside you to pray with you and help remind you of who God is. If you know of someone who is struggling in their faith, encourage them through the Word of God.

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Photo Credit: Rob Bye