Some of us spend a lot of time looking for lost stuff like keys, cell phones, glasses — you name it! It takes a lot of patience to keep looking for something that is not easily found. I don't lose things very often, but when I do misplace something, I keep thinking about where to look for it and usually do find it. I am still missing a jacket, a backpack, and a pair of reading glasses that were in the backpack, but I haven’t given up looking yet.

Are we sometimes half-hearted seekers? Or do we get distracted from searching in the midst of busy lives? God’s encouragement to us is “seek and you will find.”

I try to sit in my living room each morning with my coffee, for as long as I can, talking with God. He gives me what I need… when I seek Him.

God says that everyone who seeks will find. Is this your experience? Does it seem like God is hard to find when you need Him the most? Jeremiah 29:13 says that if we seek God with all of our hearts, we will find Him. God wants us to find Him, and He rewards those who don’t give up in seeking Him.

What are you looking for today? Are you willing to believe this promise and persevere in searching for what is missing in your life?

Father God, please help me to seek you more, even though it seems so hard to persevere with all of the other distractions in my life. You know what I am seeking for, and I pray that I may find what I need in you. Amen.

Go Deeper — Take a few minutes in the morning to seek God. Don’t give up too easily or let discouragement take over, because you need to put your whole heart into this and believe the promise!

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Photo Credit: Tyler Lastovich