The hustle and bustle of the Christmas season is over and the prospect of another new year is upon us. For many people, the new year conveys a fresh start full of possibility and promise. For Christ followers, this new year is a time to assess our relationship with God by recalibrating our spiritual compass, realigning our heart posture, and reigniting our resolve to live a life worthy of his glory by fully and daily immersing ourselves in his holy presence. This annual heart rehearsal prepares us for a forthcoming new time when the glory of God will dwell with us forever.

The prophet Ezekiel provided us with a glimpse of God’s glory returning to inhabit a new future temple in God’s holy city, Jerusalem. Interestingly, Ezekiel’s first response, as he envisions the Lord’s presence approaching, is to humble his posture by falling on his face. This outward act of reverence and humility was his instinctive reaction to envisioning and experiencing the reality and majesty of God’s sovereign presence.

Ezekiel’s vision offers us a glimpse of the Lord’s glory. His response is an example of how we should appropriately respond, especially our heart's posture as we come before his throne of grace in prayer. As we anticipate the unfolding of this year, let’s participate in an annual renewal by realigning our heart posture. May it reflect our humility, honor, and reverence for the glory of the Lord, the Messiah Prince and our risen Savior.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for a glimpse of your glory. Examine my heart, Lord. As I fully and daily immerse myself in your holy presence, realign my heart posture to reflect humility, honor, and reverence for your glory as I look forward to the day when you will dwell with us forever. Amen.

Go Deeper — If you are not in the habit of praying on your knees, take a moment to kneel on the floor or by your bed. Does your attitude or “heart posture” change with your body’s posture? Why or why not?

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Photo Credit: Debbie Hudson