The Bible is a fascinating book to me. As a chronicle of history, it stands up to archeological discoveries. As a book of literature, it tells wonderful stories of love, betrayal, sorrow, joy, and redemption. As a collection of writings inspired by God, it brings me closer to understanding his character.

The whole Bible is the inspired Word of God. As Christians, we believe that. No matter what part we read, we can gain understanding and inspiration from God. But I think there are parts that should encourage us to pay more attention. I heard someone say recently that, in their current season, they were focusing their Bible reading on the red words. Traditionally, the words written in red are the words spoken by Jesus.

Before Jesus was born, God spoke to people through a prophet. Jesus, on the other hand, was the Holy One himself, speaking to us. In a way, it’s like reading a biography about someone, and the red verses are hearing from the person themselves.

Jesus was the incarnate God, the heir of all things. The universe was created through him. Yet, he walked among us. He was fully human. He got hungry. He felt rejection. He was tempted. When he spoke, he spoke from a place of great authority and experience. Because of all that, his words hold a little more weight for me.

I pay attention a bit more when I read the red words. How about you?

Lord, as I read your Word, help me know you more. Thank you for sending Jesus, who can show us, even with more authority than all the prophets, who you are. Amen.

Go Deeper — The red words are mostly found in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Read some today in one of those Gospels. Pay close attention to the words of Jesus, who has the unique authority, as God and man, to show us how to live the Christian life.

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