It is easy to take our Bible for granted. It is so readily available in the modern western world. I have my NIV and Contemporary English Version on my bookshelf. I have a study Bible as well as my Bible handbook, dictionary, and concordance. I can bring up any version or commentary on my smart phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

When I read Paul telling the Colossians to dwell on the word of Christ, an image of the book comes to mind. But in the years following Jesus’ life on Earth, when Paul was writing these letters, there was no book. The New Testament was yet to be written. Even the Old Testament scrolls resided in the synagogues.

Paul encourages the recipients of his letter to speak, teach, and sing the word of God. Just like notes on sheet music do not affect us deeply until they are heard, the words on the pages of the Bible only transform and edify us when they are read, spoken, or heard.

We can take this teaching to heart as we work to know God better and worship Him daily as He deserves. We should speak scripture to each other. Remind each other of God’s word. Keep it on your tongue and on your mind as you go throughout the day. Sing hymns and praise songs as you go.

The word of God is living and active (Hebrews 4:12). Don’t let it just sit on the page.

Lord, as I speak your word out loud, I pray it will change my attitude and my day, for your glory. Amen.

Go deeper — find a verse and say it aloud to yourself or to someone else today. You'll be encouraged and strengthened by the spoken word of God.

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