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“Praise the Lord….Praise the Lord.” (Psalm 150:1, 6)

Psalm 150 begins and ends with identical sentences. The word praise reoccurs in each of its six verses. In fact, praise is used 13 times in this brief exhortation. Described as the “final great hallelujah,” Psalm 150 is considered by many to be a manual on praise. It answers the questions of where to praise, why to praise, how to praise, and who is to do the praising.

As I read this passage, something I’ve never thought about before struck me: the absence of exclamation points. Wouldn’t you think that verses extolling the worthiness of praising the great and mighty God would be replete with punctuation that highlights excitement and command? But no, all we see is the lowly period. “Praise the Lord [period]…. Praise the Lord [period].” Perhaps the psalmist is sending us a subtle message.

Maybe praising God is not supposed to be an extraordinary happening. Maybe it should simply be matter of fact. Rather than being confined to Sunday morning hymnals, perhaps our souls — and voices — ought to be overflowing with praise for all kinds of reasons in all kinds of places.

Power is released when we praise God. It may even turn our circumstances around. But if it doesn’t alter our situation, it will definitely adjust our perspective. It will change us.

So wherever you are right now, and in whatever condition, join in the chorus. Let your breath praise our wonderful, omniscient, faithful, loving God. He is worthy of your hallelujah.

Thank You Lord, that we have breath to praise You. May power be released as we sing our praises to You… everyday.

Take Action

Make a commitment to intentionally praise God everyday. 

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