Have you heard that it’s instructive to question your feelings when you resist a good suggestion?

After my father died, my mother gave us a little book called The Prayer of Jabez by Bruce Wilkinson. I didn't really give it much credence at the time. Twenty years later, I discovered that our care group would be studying this book. So I felt God told me to once again examine this prayer in the Bible for my use. I saw the comfort in asking for God’s right hand and guidance, and recalled when I mourned over my dad’s passing how I needed that in my life. Perhaps it would have helped then. But now?

I didn't quite understand the part about "enlarge my coast." It sounded a bit like a prosperity theology.

Then a year later, my alarmed doctors began to investigate several shadows on a CT scan. With the possibility of a life-altering diagnosis, I returned to Jabez’ prayer with curiosity and a developed a noticeable desire to pray it. I wanted God to alter my life in whatever ways He chose. I wanted His hand on my shoulder as I went through this scary time in my life.

Sometimes God brings something into our lives at just the right time. If you seem to be reminded of the same Bible verse over and over again, take some time out to study it and ask His Holy Spirit to guide you in how to interpret it and apply it to your life. You might just find the comfort or answers you seek.

Lord Jesus Christ, I long for you to be active on earth through me in whatever ways you want. May Your kingdom come, your will be done. Amen.

Go Deeper — Pray the prayer of Jabez and trust that God is working. Even though you ask for an enlarged “coast,” never despise the small events and interactions that come throughout the day.

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Photo Credit: Alex Readlich