I've been thinking about Elijah in his mountain encounter with God, whose mighty power was displayed through a rock-breaking wind, an earthquake, and a fire. It didn’t seem to phase Elijah. However it was God's still small voice that caused Elijah to wrap his mantle around his face. It was then that the Lord spoke to Elijah's despondent heart and gave him a new commission.

The power in silence is the dynamic impact God’s still small voice has on our heart. Our whole being is awakened when the Lord whispers his wisdom. We are never the same.

David was a shepherd and understood the need for his sheep to be still. He wrote Psalm 131:2. It says, “But I have calmed and quieted my soul, like a weaned child with its mother; like a weaned child is my soul within me.”

The cares of this life vie for attention, and often disquiet our soul. They choke out God’s Word. He wants us to be still so he can speak to our heart. He wants us to rest and be restored in his presence. He is ready to speak, but we need to have ears to hear his still, small voice.

Holy Spirit, I ask you to help each one of us to learn the power of abiding in your stillness. Help us to quiet our hearts so that we do not miss any of your whispered words. Thank you for loving us so deeply and unconditionally. Amen.

Throughout This Day: Seek to go from task to task aware of God’s presence, open to his Spirit’s guidance.

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