We have a tendency to complain when things don’t go like we thought they were going to. Unmet expectations often trigger hidden resentments. The Lord is our provider in all the circumstances of our lives.

The children of Israel had his miraculous provision of manna. All they had to do was to go out and gather it daily. Numbers 11:6 exposes their hidden resentment. It says, “But now our strength is dried up, and there is nothing at all but this manna to look at.” Their complaints were dripping with disdain.

Why were they not content with God’s provision? They kept looking back to what was. They compared the manna they had in the present to the variety of food that they had in the past. They conveniently emotionally bypassed their mistreatment as slaves in Egypt. They forgot how the Lord miraculously led them out of bondage into freedom.

Our hearts get clouded with resentment when we allow thoughts of discontent to multiply. Our complaining can blind us to how the Lord is working out all things for our good. Our flesh cries out for something in our past that has long passed. Like the Israelites, we tend to forget how we were enslaved to our old sinful patterns.

Father, thank you for making the way for us to be set free from our bondage to sin. Let us never forget Jesus’ sacrificial provision. Help us to keep our eyes on you in the present. May our hearts be continually filled with praise and thanksgiving so that you are glorified. Amen.

Song of Encouragement: Meditate on the truth that all the things we are tempted to complain about will be worth it in the end.

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