“Every good and perfect gift is from above; coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” James 1:17

Gifts. Birthday gifts. Graduation gifts. Anniversary gifts. Christmas gifts. Surprise gifts. It seems like people are always finding a reason or an occasion to give gifts. I, for one, enjoy giving gifts more than I do receiving them. Mind you, people have often given me wonderful things that I treasure, but sometimes a gift is just for a season. One year, I couldn’t think of a special anniversary gift to give my husband, so I made him a photo album (with a few captions). He told me it was the best thing he had ever received. It actually didn’t take much thought, just several hours of my time.

Fortunately, I have received numerous gifts and blessings over the half-century I’ve lived — too many to count or list. It is actually not in my nature to be wowed over a gift, but there are a few which have overwhelmed me and left me speechless. The greatest of these was a free and eternal one.

When I accepted by grace the Lord’s invitation to receive Him in my heart and was adopted into His family, my life changed forever. No other gift would ever compare. You see, only God can give a perfect gift. His gift never fades or goes out of style. His gift never has an expiration date on it. His gift is for every day, not just a special occasion, and His gift is one I am wowed by. I didn’t deserve it, but He offered it anyway. And it’s a gift that can be re-gifted and shared with others. That is my daily desire.

Heavenly Father, You are never changing; every gift from You is perfect. Help me to remember every day I am given is a gift, and that the best one of all, eternal salvation, is a gift I must share with others who haven’t received it yet. May I do so with boldness and with grace. Amen.

Take Action

This week, make a list of all the gifts and blessings you’ve received. Acknowledge the ones that are from God and thank Him for them. Then make a VIP list of all those you want to re-gift with the good news of the Gospel, and get busy preparing to deliver it to them. 

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