I was widowed by 56. But even before my husband died in the shower getting ready for work, I had mostly lived “alone” for several years even though we existed under the same roof. During that lonely, hurtful time, God drew me closer to himself. At times, I could almost feel his arms pull me into the much-wanted hug my spouse would not provide. And in my widowhood, the Lord has provided for me in amazing ways, both emotionally and financially.

One thing I learned over those 35 years of marriage was that another human being cannot be expected to fulfill you. Sacrificial, 24/7/365 love is a fleeting phenomena for any human being. Only one person who ever walked this earth can truly and completely provide all you need emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Only one person will never forsake you, break your heart, or act selfishly and childishly. Jesus.

Christians often use the term “first love” to describe their relationship with Jesus. He loved us first, before we were lovable. He alone deserves our undivided love, and once we are in that amazing relationship with him, we can more fully and fairly love others rather than desperately seeking someone to love us.

Whether you have always been single, are newly single, widowed, divorced, or rejected, you can cling to the promise in Isaiah 54:5. The Lord himself is your Redeemer, provider, comfort, and joy. And because he is, you do not have to buy into the illusion that another human being can be that for you.

Lord, thank you for your amazing, unfathomable, constant love. Forgive me when I demand love from anyone else. Teach me to concentrate more on being loving than on seeking out others to love me. Amen.

Go Deeper — Today, keep a mental tally of what percentage of your time is spent loving others, loving God, or expecting another human being to exhibit love for you.

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