Do you remember the film Monsters, Inc? In one scene, Mike Wazowski arrives at work and bumps into Roz, his boss. Roz chides him for not turning in his assignment and tells him she is watching him closely from now on in case he slips up again.

Have you ever felt like Mike Wazowski in your walk with God? Do you feel like God is sitting in heaven with his with arms crossed, waiting for you to mess up?

The children of Israel likely felt so. The original deal God made with them was a contract: If you obey my laws, then I will prosper you. Eat this, avoid that. Work now, rest later. Sacrifice a goat, and then I will forgive you.

In time, the number of laws grew from the original Ten Commandments to over six hundred! And while God’s intentions were honest — he wanted them to realize their need for him, and to enjoy a holy life — nobody could jump that high or possibly keep every single one.

So God made a new plan, a new covenant. God sent Jesus to live and die for us, and provided his Spirit to bring light and bear fruit within us — putting his law of love in our hearts and minds.

So instead of God waiting for you to mess up, and we all mess up, he provided a way to forgive the mistakes and a Helper to guide your heart and mind to do better.

*Dear God, thank you for your new covenant, one that is “not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life” (2 Corinthians 3:6). May I rest in your grace to know that I need not ‘jump higher’ through hoops, but only trust in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Throughout the Day: It is always best to confess as soon after we mess up as possible. Today, will you do that with God, and if your goof affected someone else, with them?

Additional Resource: Do you wonder if you’ve messed up too much? This article, My Sins Are Too Great For God To Forgive, may be of help.

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