t had been a tough year in the far north. It was cold, dark, and despairing as the mine was shut down. Over the year we saw the town diminish to just a few families, leaving streets of empty homes with water mains bursting in the cold. We felt alone. One day I remember saying to my husband that it felt like no one was even praying for us.

Life moved on to better places but those days pop up in my memory when I read this verse. “[Jesus] always lives to intercede for them.” Someone was praying!

This week a friend reminded me of this verse and the prayer meeting that is always going on in heaven. Every day. Always. Jesus is praying for us — for you, for me. At any moment we can join him as we slip into his throne room and kneel with our concerns. We can unload all the things that weigh us down and steal our focus and our peace.

Often I rush into God’s presence with my need of the moment. Yet this picture of the ongoing prayer meeting in heaven gave me pause as I consider how I approach God with my prayers. I love the image of slipping into the quiet throne room and joining Jesus on my knees as my requests go to the Father. Today, as we have that open invitation into his presence, let’s remember that we join Jesus as he prays to the Father. May it change our entrance, our focus, and fill us with awe as we step into that prayer meeting many times throughout today.

Father God, what an amazing picture! Jesus, living to pray for me! And I get to join that prayer meeting at any moment of any day. May my prayers today be filled with fresh wonder of this partnership in prayer. In the strong name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

Today's Challenge: Do you tend to start your prayers with your requests? How could you remind yourself to start your prayers with praise?

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