Most know who Simon Peter is in the Bible. But standing in the background is his brother Andrew. He was the first of two to follow Jesus. Before, he had been a disciple of John the Baptizer. Clearly, His heart was already being prepared to meet and accept Jesus as the Christ.

Throughout the Gospels, Andrew seems to always be bringing people to Jesus. The first person he brings is his brother. Surely Andrew knew the innate power of personality Simon Peter had. Most likely he'd lived in Peter's shadow all his life. But there was no grudge towards his dynamic sibling. He didn't try to one-up Peter. He humbly pointed to Jesus and told him, There He is. Go to Him.

Andrew also brought the little boy with the loaves and fishes to Jesus (John 6:8). To add to this, Scripture tell us that he, along with Philip, lead some truth-seeking Greeks to Jesus (John 12:20-22). Perhaps it was Andrew's humble honesty that was the catalyst for people to trust his direction. And because of this humility and openness, when Andrew pointed them to Jesus, they became spiritually curious to meet Jesus for themselves.

Andrew may have been an introvert like me. He was a follower, happy to stay in the shadows, but he was also a leader, pointing the way to Jesus. May the light of Christ shine through us brightly enough to compel others to ask from where it originates. May we have the courage to introduce Jesus to those around us.

Dearest Lord, You take each of our personalities and strengths and use them to Your Glory to win souls. Help me be more like Andrew and lead others into Your loving presence. Amen.

Throughout this day The next time someone asks you about your faith, make sure that your response focuses on their questions and needs so you can lead them to Jesus.

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