“Observe the Sabbath day, to keep it holy, as the Lord your God commanded you.” Deuteronomy 12:5

God created the Sabbath as a day of rest from work to focus on Him. God calls the Sabbath a holy day, a day to revere and honor the Lord in. Many times we have the mentality that turning on the T.V. or spending an excessive amount of time on the computer are safe ways to spend the day, as God calls us to rest and do no work. None of those things are bad when used properly, but instead of the focus being on the Lord, all of a sudden the shift changed to focusing on providing for the needs of an individual, to doing whatever makes us happy. Spending excessive hours on entertainment fosters laziness and unproductiveness, while at the same time it isn’t keeping the Sabbath holy as God calls us to do. We have Saturdays and other off days to satisfy our desires, but God created one day for Himself, and we must have that concept in mind that the day is not ours to use, but God’s day.

Instead of turning on the T.V. after church or going fishing or browsing the internet, why not set aside extra time to spend with God first? God wants us to draw near to Him, and what day could be better than the day He chose for His name?

Is the Sabbath just a routine for you? Maybe you've forgotten what the Sabbath is truly about. Perhaps you’ve lost the focus on who the day is really intended to serve- God rather than self. Remember, God wants all of us, so be sure to spend more time with Him on His special day.

Dear Lord, help us to love you more and to give more of ourselves and our time to You. You deserve all of us, so please enable us to want to give of ourselves. Amen

Take Action

Spend extra time in God’s Word or in prayer on the Sabbath. Show God that this day is all about Him and the focus isn’t on us.

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